As the days turn shorter and shorter and the leaves begin to fall from the trees, we all wait for the weather to turn. The breeze carries that crisp almost sweet smell that settles over everything and the morning frost appears. Our breath slowly rises through the morning mist adding to the cloud that holds all of us in a tight embrace. From this changing season Oaked Boysenberry was born. This Boysenberry liqueur was finished on oak slates that Whidbey Island Distillery uses to age their Whidskey. Sitting on oak for four months. The result is something that will keep you warm all winter. Enjoy our liqueur as you sit by the fire. The notes of deep oak will wash away the aches of the day and the lingering notes of warm berries and maple syrup will melt the bitter frost and cutting wind. The unique character of the boysenberry still shines through with the hints of dark chocolate and banana, but any edges have been smoothed away as a result of its time on oak. We hope that this gift melts the bitter winter and warms your heart this season.

Whidbey Island Distillery is proud to present the first product in our new line called the Youngblood Series. Here at W.I.D. we have built a foundation on quality, consistency, and taking the time to craft our products. The Youngblood series is the next evolutionary step. Much like an artist mastering the rules of light and form so that they can be thrown out the window to make something surreal, so to have we. We have cut our teeth crafting world class liqueurs and now we are throwing out some of those rules to bring you, our Oaked Boysenberry. This marks the first product in the Youngblood series and a different class of product. The focus at Whidbey Island Distillery will always remain on quality and craft, but we are excited to share some unique and creative products that are one of a kind and a rare peak into the surreal edge of craftsmanship here at Whidbey Island Distillery. Please enjoy our Oaked Boysenberry Liqueur, and we look forward to bringing you more unique and one of a kind products in our future Youngblood series releases.  

Available for a limited time in our tasting room only.  Cheers!

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