We are pleased to share with you, the second release of Whidbey Island Distilleries Youngblood series, our Oak Aged Loganberry. We have taken our world class Loganberry Liqueur and aged it on Bunker Rye Whiskey Oak for over 6 months. The result is a liqueur that is warm deep and rich. There is no lack of fruit but the oak adds a layer of maple and vanilla that is a pleasure to sip and a wonder to behold. May you enjoy it, and may it warm your heart.

It's time to snuggle up. The snow has already started to fall and the world out there is already begging for the holiday season. Well, it's time to slow things down. Breath in, relax. Let the world come to you. Curl up by the fire and unwind with a friend and a  little of our Oaked Loganberry Liqueur. Get swept away in the depth and smooth sophistication, the hints of vanilla and maple cleverly hidden behind the torches of cherry and oak are a wonderful treat. Of course the tart notes of the Loganberry can still be found but the whole experience will leave you relaxed and renewed. Whidbey Island Distillery wishes you a happy Holiday season.  Please visit our tasting room to purchase a bottle while supplies last!